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937 Injector Intensive Cleaner
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937 Injector Intensive Cleaner

Special intensive cleaning agent with ROA² technology for fuel injection systems in petrol engines. Also removes deposits on injectors that cannot be removed using cleaners added to the fuel tank.

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ROA² technology

  • Even more powerful cleaning formula based on ROA² technology

  • Deposits on injectors are broken down and cleaned away

  • Ensures a consistent injection spray, smooth idling, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions

  • ROA² level 3: The cleaning action is powerful enough to remove contamination that has accumulated over as many as 80,000 kilometres

  • Properties

  • Enables the injectors to be cleaned directly

  • The injectors do not need to be removed before use

  • Breaks down and removes resin residues and deposits

  • Excellent cleaning performance around the inlet valve of aspirated engines

  • Ensures an even injection spray, smooth idling and reduced fuel consumption

  • Reduces emission values compared to when the system is not clean

  • Application area

  • For cleaning petrol injection systems

  • In cases of poor fuel quality

  • In cases of malfunctioning, e.g. rough idling

  • In cases of excessive fuel consumption

  • Prior to all adjustment work and emissions tests

  • In cases of poor engine performance

  • For fuel injection system faults caused by contamination

  • For fuel-related contamination in high-pressure pumps

  • Instructions

    Special tool TUNAP 13310 ICM 2020 must be used to allow the system to be cleaned without dismantling the injectors. Refer to the operating instructions before use.


    For one passenger vehicle (up to 4 cylinders), 1 can of 937 Injector Intensive Cleaning is required. 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines require 2 cans. 10-12 cylinder engines require 3 cans.


  • Only use 937 injector intensive cleaner for petrol engines with the ICM 2020.

  • Regularly using 974 injector direct protection for petrol engines after cleaning also protects against recontamination